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‘Service’ forms a fundamental part of our Christian faith and the majority of our Church life would not function if people were not willing to step up and serve in numerous ways. We all have gifts which can be used for the greater good and it does not matter whether  they  are great  or small  so  if  you have been wondering how you might serve then read on!

Altar Servers - The job of the server is to assist in the preparation of the vestments, holy vessels and the sanctuary for Communion services on a Sunday and on weekday festivals and Holy days. It is also to take an active part in the service, serving the Celebrant and finally to clear up after the service.

The duties are not particularly difficult but they are rewarding. All servers are given training before undertaking their duties for the first time and will be eased into the Servers rota on a timescale to suit them.

Sidesmen - Acting as a sidesman is far more than just handing out books – you are the first person someone meets and this can be crucial in the impression they form of our Church. We strive at Hughenden to make everyone feel welcome and if you think this is something you could contribute to positively then please speak to Chris Tyrer (01844 344650)

Alternatively if you have any suggestions to make as to how our ‘welcome’ could be improved please speak to either Andrew or Anne Dean (01494 463376)

Bible Readings - These form an essential part of our services and it is always rewarding to have them read with passion and conviction. If you enjoy this aspect of our worship and would like to be involved please contact Arthur Johnson (01494 521471) for readings at the 8:00 am and 9:00 am services and Heather Morley (01494 528633) for the 10:45 am service.

Coffee Rotas - The opportunity to meet and socialise after the main Sunday services is vitally important to create and maintain a healthy and vibrant church. Those that provide refreshments following the 9:00 am and 10:45 am services are therefore undertaking an invaluable task. The 9.00 crowd have their own fairly informal arrangement while 10:45 has a rota due to the larger numbers involved. If you would like to contribute in this way then please speak to Lin Smit (01494 462094) for the 9:00 and Sylvia Clark (01494 562801) for the 10:45. It is not onerous – the 10:45 service for example, only requires a commitment of two Sundays per year.

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