Wycombe Refugee Partnership

The charity grew out of a community response to the Paris shootings and suicide bombings on the night of Friday, November 13th, 2015. A group of local people expressed their desire to work together for the good of people in need. Out of this expression of compassion and loving kindness a strong desire was articulated to find a way to help refugees find a home in the High Wycombe area.

Via local connections, some refugees were invited to the town centre church to tell about their plight in Syria and their escape through Europe to the UK. Christians and Muslims had gathered together to pray for the refugees and, deeply moved by the stories, asked what they could do to help. Strong bonds of friendship were quickly formed and work began together to achieve the aim. In order to coordinate the countless offers of help, the charity was formed. It is an excellent example of a multi-cultural interfaith group working together to help the refugees, and it has evolved rapidly to cover such things as welcome, health, befriending, housing, integration, education, work, welfare, transport, donated goods, volunteers, financial affairs, PR and fund raising. All the families have legal refugee status in the UK. Recently the charity has taken a further step forward by employing their first paid member of staff who has worked on a new website which is now live!

On Sunday, May 12th, we will be welcoming Michael and Anne Bowker to all three services to talk about their work with the charity. Michael is the vice chair of the charity’s Board of Trustees and both will be well known to many in our local area as they live in Hughenden Valley.